Medical Problems

The Center for Multimodal Treatment offers a variety of treatments for medical problems, which complement the work you are doing with your physician.

  • Health Problems: We can provide support and help you manage your anxiety when a serious illness is involved.
  • Lifestyle Change: We can help you develop health-promoting habits in the area of diet, smoking, exercise and compliance with medical recommendations.
  • Adjustment to Medical Conditions: We can assist you with adjusting to the limitations caused by an illness or medical condition.
  • Pain Management: We can help you deal with pain, using non-medical approaches to pain management.
  • Sleep problems: Solving sleep problems can be critical to maintaining or restoring good health. Although sleep problems tend to be associated with certain conditions, such as aging, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pain syndromes, they can be managed using behavioral methods as an adjunct to medication or without the use of medication. We consult to several accredited sleep-disorder programs and have many years of experience working with sleep problems.

What does treatment at the Center for Multimodal Treatment involve?

Sessions at the center are generally 50 minutes long and are held once a week. The first step will be to meet with a counselor and complete an assessment of your problems in order to develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.

Once treatment begins, you and your counselor will work as a team. Treatment is most effective when you are an active participant. Your counselor can provide expertise on treatment; you are in the best position to provide expertise on yourself. Your counselor will ask you to be as honest as possible and to follow through with some activities at home, such as practicing relaxation or keeping track of thoughts and emotions. We will ask you to give this an honest effort, and to be open with us about how you are feeling. This will allow us to work effectively and to change course as needed.

You and your counselor will periodically assess your progress and will decide together when treatment should end.
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