EMDR Consultation

Dr. Judith Flaxman is currently providing individual and group EMDR consultation by video chat or phone to clinicians at all levels of EMDR training: clinicians who have received Level I EMDR training and are preparing for Level II; clinicians who have received Level II training and want ongoing case consultation; and individuals who are working toward certification in EMDR.

She taught EMDR at the graduate level from 1998 until 2012. In her classes she trained over 100 graduate students at Levels I and II in EMDR. She has given talks on teaching and supervising EMDR, and she has developed original materials to help clinicians learn how to use EMDR.

Dr. Flaxman was a professor at Argosy University, Chicago where she taught and trained graduate students in clinical psychology since 1980. In addition to teaching EMDR, she taught cognitive-behavior therapy and health psychology. She also supervised students on their clinical work.

She is committed to training clinicians to use EMDR in a way that is both effective and consistent with their own personal style and approach to therapy. She enjoys providing consultation on challenging EMDR cases.